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The handbook contains a descriptions as: Spiral bevel gear, Rim (wheel), Butterfly doors, Parking brake, Spare tire, Hill Descent Control system, Tread, Carputer, Category: Automotive body parts, Exhaust system, Tachometer and more...


Very good app for know the detail of the parts of vehicle and the scientific principles used in that parts.

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Knowing how a car works will help you drive safer, reducing your risk of an accident and improving the lifespan of your vehicle.

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Very helpful for car owners.

FULEMNEBA George Williams
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Nice info, waiting for further updates and other info on other machineries.. 2 thumbs up

Sunardi Lee
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Anybody can easily understand and search the parts.

manoj kumar sadanandan
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nice app gives better information

Vikee Pitekar

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This app is awesome and it covers alot of information. And it helped me alot and still is helping me more and more everyday.